Space AcademyThe theme was Space Academy based on the story of Daniel.

Our latest Holiday Club ran
every morning 10.00am > 12.00 noon from
Monday 5th August - Friday 9th August 2019 at Chatburn Methodist Church. 

The space theme explored the early chapters of Daniel. It included how Daniel and his friends stood up for their faith in a foreign land, despite the opposition and how God was faithful to them. Children at the club encountered a God who is wise, powerful, mighty but also a God who is interested in helping his people.

Loads of fun involving skittles, playing games, stories, food, craft activities, quizzes and other activities as well as making new friends.

25 children (and several adults) having fun learning about Daniel & his friends Shadrach, Meshach and Abednigo and how God looked after them when they obeyed him and trusted him.
We also thought about how God made the whole universe with its billions of stars and learnt some new facts about our solar system and its planets.
Our games and crafts and even our mid morning snacks were based on the space facts or the story we heard.
We fired meteors (soft balls) at opposing teams and flew flying saucers we had made. We made fiery furnaces & lions and the parachute games were particularly enjoyed. We ate chocolate fingers to remind us of God's finger writing on the wall at the king's feast and biscuits decorated as lions when we thought about Daniel in the lions' den.
After the final session we were joined by parents and Grandparents for a barbecue which was enjoyed by all.
A big thank you to all involved.

Above all thank you to God for keeping us all safe and teaching us so much.

Here are our photographs of the week.

Space Academy based on the bible story of Daniel
Our themed wallpaper
The planets
Fly me to the moon
Name the planets
Healthy eating
Our healthy snack
Space jigsaw game
Pasta / lentil craft
Pasta craft
Asteroid volleyball
Creative prayer time with Reverend Catherine
Full throttle game
Building robots
Building robots
Completed robots
Robot team
Making flying saucers which were tested in the chapel yard
Space Book
Space tee shirt
Full throttle game
Parachute fun
Parachute fun
Fiery furnace with the angel protecting them
Daniels friends in the fiery furnace
Fiery furnace
Team games - space relay race
Egg and spoon race
The writing hands craft
Rocket made by one of the children
Pointing hand with a message
Chart of the Solar System
Animal fancy dress
Animal fancy dress
Animal fancy dress
Animal fancy dress
Animal fancy dress
The winning dinosaurs
Second place dragon
Third place tiger
Lion, lion, Daniel game
Lion mask
Lion masks
Lion masks
Lion masks
Cat with a lion
Stained glass window collage
Stained glass window collage
Stained glass window collage
Stained glass window collage
Stained glass window collage
Scores on the doors - Winning team Mars!!! - All children received a prize

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Here are our photographs of the week.
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Holiday Club 2019

(06/08/2018 > 10/08/2018)

Mission Rescue - based on the Life of Moses.

Magnifying Glass with the words Mission RescueThis year our holiday club was called "Mission Rescue" and was held in the Methodist Church at Chatburn. 42 children took part throughout the week aged between 4 and 11. Children were put into 4 different teams: Police, Fire- fighters, Life boat people and Paramedics.

Throughout the week we looked at the different parts of Moses' life and how he was set missions to rescue the Israelites from slavery.

Each day we started with an aerobic warm up, watched the story from the DVD, sang the Mission Rescue song with actions, played games, completed different crafts and enjoyed a delicious snack. We ended each day with a creative prayer.

We had a special visitor on Wednesday. Matthew the Paramedic brought his emergency car and let us look around and told us about his job.

On Friday we enjoyed a buffet lunch with family and friends. We also dressed up as super heroes or members of the emergency services.

Thank you to all the helpers to Ann, Derek, Marcus, Rachel, Lynn, Estelle and Barbara who helped each day prepare, deliver and look after us and to the people of the Methodist Church for hosting this event for us.

Our Roving Reporters Tom and Sam Wells



Lea Bennett My children had a fabulous time at Mission Rescue, and I have had the theme song stuck in my head all weekend ��
I stayed at the sessions with my daughter and was very impressed with the organisation and activities offered!
Yesterday we were visiting Millie’s grandparents who had a chiminea lit in the garden. Millie said ‘is it like the burning bush?!’ So she clearly remembered a lot from the sessions too!
Well done to all involved

Claire Marsden Thank you to all of you that organise & host it all week, not an easy task I am sure! It always goes down well with the kids & the lunch on the Friday is always a winner done by all the lovely members from Chatburn churches.


Mission Rescue.

Collage made by the children

(The Story of Moses)

Collage made by the children

Below are some photographs of our fantastic week.
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Holiday Club 2018