If someone you know and love has died then may we offer our deepest sympathy at this very sad time.

Our beautiful church is open daily for you to come and visit and if you wish, light a candle, sit in contemplation, have some quiet time to your self especially at this very difficult time.

Please contact a funeral service director who will in turn liase with our minister.

or if you would like to contact Reverand Catherine Hale-Heighway direct please ring 01200 458019

For more information about a church funeral please take a look at the Church of Englands website.

Would you like to light a virtual candle to remember someone? (can be shared on social media)

Fees for a Funeral as at01/03/2023
Description Cost
Service (in Church, cemetery or crematorium) £217
Burial in churchyard following on from service in church £348
Sub total Service and Burial £562
or Burial in churchyard (on a seperate occation or without a sevice) £450
Verger £50
Heating Contribution (if heating used) + £35
Optional Extras
Burial Certificate (if required) + £17
Organist + £80
Technical Assistance (Audio / Visual) if required. + £50
The above fees are set by the Church of England and the PCC.
Funeral Directors set their fees independently.

If you would you like to have a lasting legacy for your loved one then please consider a donation to our church?

also if you have not already done so, write your will for free online * making use of the Church of England partner Farewill.

* Please note that the number of free wills available is limited and allocated on a first-come, first served basis. (as at the time of writing 24/02/2023)

Your funeral wishes planner remember, your funeral wishes are needed before your will is read, so please don’t keep them with your will. Instead we suggest keeping them somewhere safe and letting your close family and friends know where to find them.