Please consider giving a donation to church!

It costs around £1,000 a week to keep our church open
and we wish to renovate / update the church
for current and future generations.


  1. If you can't make church on a particular week please consider donating your collection contibution.

  2. If you find information on this web site useful.

  3. If just wish to help maintain the building in memory of loved ones.

  4. Post Covid less people are carrying cash, why not make use your card to donate

Or if you are viewing this on a laptop or desktop PC, scan the QR code with your Smart Phone.*

Donate to Christ Church Chatburn - Goes to our partners site SumUp
Scan to donate
with a Smart Phone

Please click on any of the links but have your card ready

A "1.2% handling fee" for debit payments or "1.4% handling fee" for credit payments
is the only deduction from your donation.

Thank you for your valuable contribution.

* Please note the links will take you to our partner SumUp web page to input your card details, authorise and the payment comes straight into the church’s bank account within 3 working days.