Manuals - WIP

The following tabs are meant as guidance notes and supplier configuration PDF's to be used in the setup and configuration of various Church equipment.

Notes have been added based on in situ learning saved for prosperity

Central Heating - Controller CM927

Uses of function called "Optimum Start". This is activated.
What it means is that the start time is the time when you want the temperature to be reached. The controller works out when it needs to switch on to achieve the temperature. Good when mild or extremely cold.

It has 7 day control with 6 temperature settings per day organised in pairs of on/off.

  1. an example for Sunday with morning sevice, afternoon Messy Church and and evening concert could be 
  2. Morning
  3. Temp Level 1  11.00hrs temp 21°C - on
  4. Temp Level 2  12.00hrs temp 10°C - off
  5. Afternoon
  6. Temp Level 3  13.00hrs temp 21°C - on
  7. Temp Level 4  15.00hrs temp 10°C - off
  8. Evening
  9. Temp Level 5  19.00hrs temp 21°C - on
  10. Temp Level 6  21.00hrs temp 10°C - off
  11. Note Just leave the times in but change the temp down to a min of 10°C.

Re-Binding Thermostat / Controller with Wireless Relay Box

Thermostat / Controller - Located near pulpit

Thermostat Controller
Thermostat / Controller

Wireless Relay Box - Located at the back of church near the hatch at floor level

Due to its precarious position:-

Ensure that nothing blocks* the signal between the Thermostat/Controller and the Wireless Relay Box

* like metal boxes or oak tables

Wireless Relay Box
Wireless Relay Box

Toilet Heater - Rionte Kyros

Sound SystemAMIS120XL installation instructions and  specification.

Wireless Mike Transmiter - TOA WT4810

Projector - Epson 5650W

Note Audio loopback in the form of a downlink cable (installed in Jan 2022) now goes to the sound system (meaning that the HDMI now passes the sound back into the system with no separate audio cable required).

Wireless Projection - based on the EzCast 2 device Setup Instructions for CCC

Ezcast is connected to the Projector HDMI cable ready to receive Audio visual transmissions from Smart Phones / Laptops.

Tp-Link 4G Router to connect the church to the Internet

Printer / Photocopier - Riso RZ 200

Vestry heater - NOBO T9 R80 PDE

Gas Smart Meter - installed 08/03/2023

Elecricity Smart Meter (now on Smets 2) - Installed on 12/04/2023

Energy Provided by Total Energies

Based on three phase supply but with three tariffs Night, Day and Evenings & Weekends.

Day41%Even.& W/E35%Night24%
Kwh p/yr = 9194
Totals for 2018
3785 3227 2182
Monday toFridaySaturday to SundayMonday to Friday
All Evenings
Rate 1£0.1789Rate 2£0.1709Rate 3£0.1709
Gas Meter Point9342110305 Electric Supply Num.S 04 005 661 16 1001 4622 551

Kitchen Shutter

UPS to drive the kitchen shutter in the event of a power failure.
Should be included in the fire safety testing.
Installed on 29/06/2023 but will need replacing around July 2028.

Located on top of the cupboard to the left of the shutter.

Testing can take place by temporarly switching off at its socket (above and to the left of the shutter).

Unit should buzz (to indicate loss of mains) but the shutter should open / close.
Failure to open could be a flat battery or UPS needs testing / replacing.

Note changed the setup so that the UPS can be by-passed if UPS fails.
This should only be used as a temporary fix until UPS is fixed / replaced.