Victorian Christmas Fayre 24+25/11/2018 

Some Photographs of the Days

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Bah Humbug
Bah Humbug


Thank-you to everyone who worked together so well to make this a success.

The Fayre raised the magnificent sum of £1,909.24.

We wish to thank so many people for their generosity and support towards our church.

Christmas Draw Prizes


1st  Prize: Christmas Food Hamper

2nd Prize: Miniature Drinks

3rd Prize: Luxury Pamper Hamper

Here are some we prepared earlier :-

Bake off Hamper Chocolate Delight Hamper







Bake off hamper

Stationery Hamper


Chocolate delight hamper

Stationery Hamper


Gardening Hamper




Gardening Hamper

Italian flavour hamper with a little help from Jamie



Italian flavour with a little help from Jamie, hamper

Luxury Pamper Hamper Wee dram miniature drinks basket





Luxury Pamper hamper

Miniature Drinks Hampers