Craft & Chatter

Needle, thread and scissors Chapstick

We are an informal meeting where we make and explore new crafts. 

If you would like to try new crafts come along and enjoy a relaxing afternoon.

We meet every Monday at 1.00 pm to 3.30 pm in the church

Craft and Chatter has donated £305 to church funds during the past year.


 Tea pot, milk jug and tea cup 

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The Craft and Chatter group has never been so quiet! On Monday 18th. June we had a day out to the Beading Room at Accrington, where Kathryn Halfpenney introduced us to the art of bead weaving. 

It took all their concentration and lots of help to complete their chosen task . Talking had to wait for half time over tea/coffee and home made biscuits. 

Everyone went home having enjoyed doing something different and with a real sense of achievement.