Messy Church

Our Messy Church for Father's Day gave us an opportunity to make cards, rosettes and to draw things for our fathers enjoy, but also to think about God , our Heavenly Father.

We made people to stick around a picture of the World to remind us that God is Father to us all. In our talk we remembered that God loves us all, wants the best for us all.

We sang about Father Abraham who is the father of the people of God / the church and said the Lord's Prayer together.

Then we enjoyed sandwiches, jelly and cake.


Photographs from our get together on 17/06/2018

Messy Church


Some of the items that have been created to celebrate Candlemas in Messy Church on 04/02/2018.

Messy Church Star Candle  Messy Church big candle and star

Messy Church candle and basket Messy Church - six stars

Messy Church star, candle, basket, candle, basket and candle

Messy Church - collage of candles









All creations by the children attending Messy Church.

Good fun enjoyed by all (even the parents / carers ).

Full copyright reserved :) 

Messy Church 27th April 2018

A very successful Messy Church on the subject of Jesus the vine and we the branches.
Made vine leaves and bunches of grapes from card; coloured pictures of vines ; made fruit kebabs and planted sunflower seeds. Andy talked about the Christian 'fruit' Jesus wants us to grow in our lives, like love, joy, peace , patience...
About 40 children came with their parents or Grannies.


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