Week 12th > 18th May

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Each day we remember a particular blessing we have which some others do not have and are encouraged to give some money or give time in prayer, as a "thank you".

Please Donate on line via this link.

Thank you in anticipation.

With your help, we can work towards a world where families can escape the trap of poverty and fulfil their ambitions.
Seven days, so many ways to fund lasting change.

But hope does not disappoint.
Hope lives in you.

Your gifts during Christian Aid Week could help set up water taps on farms, help people learn to grow food, and provide seeds that thrive in drought – giving all that is needed to turn dry, dusty land into gardens of hope. Please contribute to Christian Aid Week, and help turn hunger into hope.With every gift, every action, every prayer, we celebrate and share hope with our sisters and brothers facing crisis around the world, from Ukraine to Zimbabwe.
Christian Aid gives aid to those in need wherever they are and whatever religion and those of no religion at all.
Please give as generously as you can. Help turn hunger into hope wherever there is a need. Envelopes to contribute to Christian Aid are available in our churches or use this link.