Pastoral Care

Pastoral Care is an important part of Christ Church Chatburn. We attempt to support people at times of ill-health, stress and bereavement and also to support them at times of joy and celebration particularly through baptisms and weddings.

Ena Douglas - Pastoral AssistantEna Douglas is the Pastoral Assistant, and the first one in Chatburn.  She was awarded the higher attainment of a credit upon the successful completion of the assignment required for the God of rock course.

Ena values the importance of the course, and how that helps her in her work.  

She says, “The course gave me an understanding of the history of the church, its doctrines and teaching. I was required to do a series of spiritual visits with the vicar. An interview by the Warden of Pastoral Assistant from the Diocese followed, and after a great deal of input, I was finally commissioned on October 2011. I work under the direction of the vicar to bring love, understanding and a prayer full ear to all members of Chatburn parish and the community. My work includes befriending people and families as well as working with teaching staff and children of Chatburn School. I lead prayers in church services and regularly have prayer sessions with the vicar for all concerns of the people in the community.”

Ena has been sanctioned by the Bishop to take Holy Communion to the elderly and housebound and assist in the administration of bread and wine at church communion.

“I am totally committed to serving God and would like to use my God given talents to serve others in the Chatburn Parish and community” says Ena.