Schools of Chatburn

Old School House

The original School House located at the top of Downham Road just before the bridge over the by pass, and which are cottages today. This first village school was built in 1816 and the picture shows the school room and masters house.

Chatburn to Gisburn road circa 1950

This view shows the Old School House originally built 1850, on the right and was located opposite the Toll booth (now Hudson's Ice Cream Parlor). 

The tree by the cottages (first one is currently the hair salon), still exists (2018).

Chatburn Old School HouseThis provides a better view of the school and shows a car parked outside the old Toll Booth now Hudson's Ice  cream shop.

The current school was built next to this in the 1960's to make way for the new road between the Brown Cow and the Church. This opened in 1967.

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